Other Means of Giving

Other Means of Giving - Gift Cards!

There are several ways of giving that do not cost you any money, just a bit of effort.  When you buy gift cards, merchants donate a percentage of the purchase to St. James, which is used to pay off the mortgage. Merchant Cash/Gift cards are available for various restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations.  Among the top sellers are Martins, Wal-Mart, Sheetz, Home Depot, Glory Days, and Bob Evans.

How much are the cards worth?           

Cards are worth the same amount as what you pay for them, the same as what you would pay for your purchases anyway. After purchasing a card, it can be spent just like cash.

What is the average profit on the cards?           

5 – 6% (Some are as high as 20% but others are as low as 1.25%, which if bought with a credit card does not really give much)

Where can I buy a card?

At St. Zita’s (our parish gift shop): Cupboard Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 5 pm; Sat. 9 am – 12 pm; Before and after weekend Masses and the Wed. evening Mass

 Download the Merchant Card Order Form

OR on the RaiseRight app (RaiseRight.com click on enroll and enter the enrollment code)


How does gift cards at St. Zita’s work?            

St Zita's is able to get discounts on the cards and those discounts go right to paying down principal on our Church debt. You come, fill out the form with which card(s) you need, hand it to the volunteer, pay, receive the card(s), go shopping.



How does RaiseRight app work?

RaiseRight is an app you download to your phone. You can purchase electronic gift cards on the app, using your bank account or a credit card to pay. It takes seconds so you can purchase cards to cover your purchases while in line at the store or while making online purchases. If you forgot to stop by Saint Zita before you went out shopping or stopped at a store you had not anticipated, RaiseRighthelps you help your parish home.


Glory Days will donate 10% of each receipt for meals bought.This goes to the local Knights of Columbus medical assistance fund for parishioners. Simply put your receipt in the box at St. Zita’s Cupboard.