Ways to Give

Cash or Check:

  • Make checks payable to St. James, and write Capital Campaign in the memo line
  • Once completed, place in the 2nd collection, also known as the Building Fund, bring it by the parish office, or return it in the mail

Electronic Giving:

Matching Gifts

As a benefit to their employees, many companies “match” charitable donations to certain types of organizations to encourage and reward giving among their staff. These matching funds magnify an individual’s gift and help to increase its impact. Think of this as free money you are empowered to employ on behalf of your community and the world. Contact your company’s Human Resources Department to find out if they have a matching gift program and to obtain a form. They will be able to tell you if the company matches gifts, if there are any restrictions to religious organizations and what information you will need in order for them to match your campaign contribution.

Turn your IRA into a Gift for Good - Tax Free!

  • A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a direct transfer from your IRA to a qualified charity. Your 401k/403b/457/TSP/etc. can be rolled into an IRA (tax-free) to make QCDs.   
  • A QCD excludes 100% of the amount donated from your taxable income, which is unlike regular withdrawals from a traditional IRA that are fully taxable as ordinary income. Keeping your taxable retirement income lower with QCDs can be a valuable tax planning strategy which may help you qualify for certain tax credits and deductions, as well as potentially reduce Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    • Since it is already excluded from your taxable income, you can't take the itemized deduction (charitable donation) again. That would be double-dipping. However, for those eligible, a QCD can be much more advantageous than a normal deductible charitable contribution.
  • QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your minimum required distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met. 
    • You must be 70½ or older to be eligible to make a QCD.  
    • The maximum annual amount that can qualify for a QCD is $100,000. (If, however, you file taxes jointly, your spouse can also make a QCD from his or her own IRA within the same tax year for up to $100,000, for a joint total of up to $200,000.)
    • It is highly important that you keep good records of the QCD and that it is recorded properly each tax year as a QCD and not a normal, deductible charitable contribution!
    • QCDs need to be made before your taxable RMDs in a given year, in order for the QCDs to count towards satisfying your RMD total.

Other Ways to Give to St. James’ Capital Campaign

Appreciated Stock

Donating appreciated stock (held more than one year) makes an excellent gift. You avoid all capital gain taxes, and will receive a tax deduction.

Bonds, Mutual Funds

CD’s, Saving Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Checking Accounts with P.O.D. Provisions (payable upon death) Bequest Through Your Will

After providing for your family members, you can make a gift bequest of a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of the estate, or what is left (remainder) to St. James’s parish. Consider a tithe of 10% or perhaps a bit more, offered for the glory of God.

Gift of Life Insurance

A simple way to make a significant future gift is to name the Parish as beneficiary to receive all (or a portion) of the proceeds of an existing life insurance policy. You will receive a tax deduction for the cash surrender value, thus reducing your tax liability. OR Purchase a New Life Insurance Policy and name the Parish as Owner and Beneficiary of a new life insurance policy.

Personal Property and In-Kind Gifts

Gifts of personal property are always welcome, including collections, royalty, and mineral rights. Charitable tax deductions are available in the year of the gift. Gifts of goods or services are accepted by the organization with prior approval by the Campaign Steering Committee. Ordinarily these gifts will be credited toward the campaign at their full fair market values as determined by appraisal or other appropriate valuation techniques.

Real Estate

We are happy to discuss the possible gift of land, a house, or vacation home. You will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value, and avoid all capital gain taxes.

Other (Free!) Means of Giving - aka Gift Cards!